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Private Dining

Private Dining at YoSH

There are occasions when exquisite food, fine wines and best service require a more personal or discrete atmosphere. Business partners who want to meet in a more casual surrounding away from work for a business dinner. Companies that are planing a special dinner for its clients or employees or private people who meet for a dinner with friends and family. The private dining rooms at YoSH are perfectly equipped to host any such events for up to 12 people each.
,Bauernstube´is a country style, wooden chalet room with a comfortable, yet exclusive atmosphere located right next to ,Weisse Zimmer´which is an elegant, modern style dining room for more festive occasions.
Both rooms on this floor can be accessed from the elevator at the back entrance of the building when needed.
Both rooms can be reserved from 8 to 12 people each. Christmas dinners, birthday dinners, meetings amongst friends and family. The private dining rooms at YoSH offer the perfect surround for a special dinner experience.
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The name says it all. The idea behind ,Bauernstube´is to create a countryside, chalet style room with lots of special detail for a comfortable, yet festive atmosphere. Finest woodwork and typically selected furniture define the character of this cozy dining room.

White Room

This modern, elegantly styled dining room was specifically designed in contrast to the more casual, cozy ,Bauernstube´. It offers a more formal and exclusive atmosphere for special business dinners or private occasions among friends and family to enjoy a unique culinary experience.

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